Cat Kept Kidnapping Neighbor’s Puppies. Why?

When a woman saw a cat with a little puppy in her mouth, she immediately thought of the worst. However, as she watched, she realized that the animal was stealing the puppy and actually taking it home. What’s more, the reason was completely heartwarming.

In Mayesville, South Carolina, a group of neighbors had grown concerned about a local cat. Moreover, it seemed that they had good reason to be worried. That’s because, each day, the cat would run across the trailer park in which she lived and grab a puppy with her teeth.

We came home one night and there were five puppies missing,” the dogs’ worried owner, Missy Grant, told It’s a Miracle in 2001. “I said, ‘Where did five puppies go?’ I was hunting them, and then my neighbor said that she saw Miss Kitty stealing them.”

Indeed, while their mother wasn’t looking, the cat had snatched the puppies away from their home and dragged them into her trailer. Now that the pups were hidden from public view, no one knew just what she was doing with the innocent little lives. Things were not quite as they seemed, though.

While Miss Kitty the cat and her canine neighbor, Smoochy, had lived together for some time, they largely kept themselves to themselves. But while they hadn’t mixed much with each other up until that point, one day their lives were inextricably interwoven.

The owners of Miss Kitty had discovered that the ginger cat was pregnant, and so they helped to prepare her for becoming a mother. Yes, the fluffy cat couldn’t wait to welcome her kittens to the world.

But that’s when disaster struck. After she gave birth, Miss Kitty sadly lost every one of her kittens, and as you’d expect, the traumatic ordeal left the cat completely distraught.