Real life cartoon characters

We all have a favorite cute cartoon character.  Some people look just like them in real life!

These are the cutest cats you have seen

Everybody loves cats.  We even love them better than dogs here on RumorDaily.

Why tutus are like sprinkles

You would be lying if you did not wish to have a tutu while wearing that princess costume in Halloween. Tutus bring you in some place magical and awesome when wearing them. They make those gloomy days bright.

Celebrities with lookalike dogs

With some of these celebrities, it's hard to tell who is the animal. We have side by side comparisons from our editor.

Adorable animals

These are some of the most adorable animals on the internet.  What more could you possible want? No more description is even required.

What your animal does while it's alone

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Pug reactions

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Cats are people too

These cats think they are people too. Some of them even have their own birthday cakes!