How often should I use shampoo in my hair?

We all use shampoo because we think that is gets rid of the dirt and is good for us, but is it really that good for your hair? There have been a lot of articles coming out that say shampooing on a daily basis will damage and dry your hair.

What is the best way to grow your hair faster than usual?

Things that will help you grow your hair faster are eating healthy, brushing your hair, massaging your scalp with oil, taking vitamins and suppliments, and avoiding stress.

How do you get rid of huge dark circles under your eyes?

To get rid of under eye circles you should get a lot of beauty sleep, apply an eye cream that has vitamin K and retinol, get a skin patch test and treat any known allergies, eat well, relax, and stay hydrated.

Does Keratin really do anything for your hair?

Hair growth takes time and keratin is the protein that your hair is made of. The things that effect your hair health and growth are genetics, the environment, and your lifestyle. Overall hygeine and what you eat is very important for growing your hair.