Degree in Nursing

With the cost of higher education rising every year, it's extremely important to make sure you pick your degree wisely. Choosing a degree that provides great benefits, pay, and an overall outstanding return on investment is mandatory in today's economy. 

How to Choose the Best Online Project Management Classes

Are you looking to jump-start your career? A degree in project management can make all the difference. I know you might be worried about the costs associated with PMP certification programs online and online project management classes. However, it's possible to get great online project management classes for free.

Where to Earn CPE Credits and Maintain Your CPA?

You've done it. You have managed to turn your love of math and talent with numbers into a career. You got your bachelor's degree in four years and went on to earn a master's degree as well while working at your first job out of school. After gaining some experience and studying for the exam, you have passed the test and become a CPA, a certified public accountant.