How can I get in the habit of working out?

If you want to be committed to working out, you must establish a group of manageable goals and keep track of your progress. Just as you would set goals for your work or business, do so with your fitness. Before you begin exercising regularly, you must sit down and set clear, specific, and measurable goals.

What are some tricks to lose weight?

It is really important to know that fat weighs less than muscle. One of the main reasons people loose motivation is that they don't see any weight loss or the scale reads that you've gained weight. Thing is, you want to burn fat and the most effective way of doing that is by building more muscles.

Do I do weight training before or after cardio?

You should start with cardio and allow your body to warm up. A quick 5-10 minute cardio session with prepare your body for your weight training season without exhausting yourself. Another reason to do a short cardio session is that you don't want all your energy to be used up before you start your weight training.

Why am I not seeing results after going to the gym for a month?

If you are going to the gym on a regular basis and not seeing any improvement in physical strength or appearance it usually as to do with nutrition and training. Most people need to have a routine or fitness plan in order to see any significant improvement or results. Another reason could be that you have unrealistic expectations for the amount of effort necessary to see your desired results.