12 Weirdest Instagram Posts Ever

Instagram is one of those social media sites where you can post pictures and share them with everyone in the world. It's a great site to keep yourself updated with family and friends. You could post either the most memorable events in your life like prom or graduation or something usual like food or your OOTD (outfit of the day). But, some people take it to another level and believe me, either these posts will make your brows furrow or make your mouth drop.

15 Most Painfully Awkward Celebrity Pictures With Their Fans

Celebrities are human too. Yes, they're like you and me -- they don't look all glamorous in every photo, especially when they're caught off guard by their fans. Don't believe us? See for yourself!

35 Most Dangerous Places to go Skinny Dipping

Do you enjoy the thrill from skinny dipping? Well, how about we add more fire to the excitement (literally that is). If you've got the guts to go skinny dipping, we dare you to try that in these spots!

15 Reasons NOT to Date in San Francisco

The dating game is one that is totally unpredictable and exciting. Some dates may work out, others won’t, but nonetheless it will be something to remember. If you’re looking for something totally different, however, you might want to check out the dating scene in San Francisco. One thing’s for sure, you won’t be going through traditional stuff.

Why Tutus Make Life Happy and Filled With Rainbows and Sparkles

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess or a fairy when you were five? If you did, of course a princess would not be complete without a crown or a fairy would not be complete without wings. But, there's a similarity in this dreamland and that is every dreamers get to wear tutus and tulles, may it be the colorful ones or the puffy ones. If you did not, it's not too late. Tutus are trending nowadays and why wouldn't they? They make your every step fun and colorful. So, we come up with these reasons why tutus must be a must-have in your closet. Indeed, life would be better if we wore more tutus (errr for the ladies of course!).

15 Pets and Celebrities Clearly Separated at Birth

On the Internet, you can practically find anything you want, whether it is a source of vital information or just random stuff that would make you laugh.  Luckily for you, the majority of our articles belong to the latter, and we are all too glad to provide you with some relief from your day of hard work and stress.  Besides, for our current subject, we thought of looking for photos of celebrities who strangely look like animals in their most off-guard moments.  How fun is that?  Take a look at the following and you’ll see what we mean.

10 Cities in America That Are As Quirky As it Gets

In need of something different? Well, if you want quirks, this list of cities have the quirkiest things to offer tourists like you. Yes, trust us, we know what we are saying!