Weirdest instagram posts

Everyone is weird sometimes.  But these people from instagram are weird all the time.

Lingo you probably don't understand

Some places look so weird you couldn't understand.  If you are visiting a new place you may want to look how they speak.

Who doesnt need any kardashian in their life

When Chloe Jenner said she needed a body guard, it was a different kind of body guard she received. This dude is really trying to get too close to Chloe.

Dangerous places to swim

Most people love to swim.  These are some of the most dangerous places to go skinny dipping.  That can be even more dangerous than swimming.

Why you won't want to date in SF

If you're looking for a good date, expect to fork out cash during dinner.  Partners are not likely to pay for it. The natives believe in chipping in.

Why tutus are like sprinkles

You would be lying if you did not wish to have a tutu while wearing that princess costume in Halloween. Tutus bring you in some place magical and awesome when wearing them. They make those gloomy days bright.

Celebrities with lookalike dogs

With some of these celebrities, it's hard to tell who is the animal. We have side by side comparisons from our editor.

Quirkiest cities

Many cities are known for their personality.  Some cities go even farther than what you would expect.