Celebrities Who Can't Live Without Bulletproof Coffee

Okay, if I tell you right now that putting butter in your coffee is a thing, I’m pretty sure you’d turn your nose up and just think I’m selling you some sort of trend thing. We’re not going to lie, although being a trend we can’t help but talk about the wondrous Bulletproof Coffee. A caffeine drink made with some specialized coffee grounds, a dash of MCT oil and unsalted butter.

Created by Dave Asprey, who took a sip of Yak Butter Tea, he took the idea and researched about it for the next two years and is now the leader in the drink. Bulletproof Coffee, which you can find here, is easy to make, delicious to drink and gives your body the boost it needs to kick start the day.

So wait, you need more convincing as to why you should try this weird coffee trend out? Here are some famous names who are crazily into it!

Erin Tjoe (Ms. Hong Kong)

Robert Sacre

Vimala Rajendran

Jeremy Piven

Chris Kaman

Shailene Woodley

Jodie Meeks

Ed Sheeran

JJ Virgin

Mark Frauenfelder (founder of BoingBoing)

Mark Hunter

Nick Young

Shawne Williams