This Determined Couple's Incredible Weight Transformation Will Inspire You To Get To The Gym

When this couple set a New Year's resolution to be healthier, neither were sure they would be able to escape their limited lifestyle. However, their transformation has proven just how powerful a determined partner can be!

Since a young age, Lexi Reed struggled with her weight. The extroverted young woman made it a mission to never allow her body type to crush her social confidence. However, by her mid-20's, Lexi's 392-pound body was preventing her from living a quality life. Still, Lexi remained positive, and she soon found someone to share in her empowerment with!

Danny Reed: Embracing Lexi's Body

Danny Reed stepped into the picture in Lexi's late-20's, and they quickly fell in love. Danny accepted Lexi's body exactly as it was. However, while Lexi was grateful for Danny's supportive attitude, their lifestyle quickly became unhealthy. Without meaning to, her loving husband was accidentally encouraging her worst behaviors!

Their Unhealthy Lifestyle: Staying In And Dining Out

Both Lexi and Danny were overweight for a great deal of their relationship. They shared in a variety of unhealthy behaviors, such as gorging on high-calorie foods, eating meals in front of the TV, and not exercising. Although this satisfied them at first, Lexi began to grow concerned about where their lifestyle could lead them.

Concerned For The Future: Lexi's Struggle To Lose Weight

Lexi and Danny were very limited by their weight. Most of their days were spent in front of the television. By the time that she and Danny decided to tie the knot, she weighed nearly 100 pounds more than when they met. At first, she thought that hunting down a wedding dress would be her biggest challenge. However, after getting married, she realized that there were much larger problems at stake.

Limited Lifestyle: Recognizing The Consequences

At her weight, Lexi couldn't fathom all that she was missing out on. Though they wanted a family, having a child could be dangerous to Lexi's health. Lexi also dreamt of traveling to Orlando, but couldn't fit into an airline seat. Lexi grew more panicked as more of these issues popped up. She was desperate to make a change– but like every beginner exerciser, she needed a support system!

Building A Support System: Getting Danny On Board

He was happy with their lifestyle, even if it hindered some opportunities for them. However, he knew he needed to support Lexi in order for her to achieve her goals. Neither Danny nor Lexi ever could have anticipated how much would come out of their efforts!

Encouraged By Friends: Kicking Off Their Resolution

As they kicked off their resolution, their friends made a one-month bet with them to break unhealthy habits. This included no alcohol or soda, no eating out, and working out five days a week. Lexi and Danny took them up on the challenge! However, as anyone who's set a New Year's resolution knows, starting up wasn't easy.

Finding What Works: Adapting Their Lives To Their Needs

While Lexi struggled to find a no-judgment gym, she eventually settled on one with a small crowd. They were also used to eating out often, and both Danny and Lexi needed to learn how to cook! Luckily, the couple found ways to whip up healthier versions of the meals they loved. Before long, they began to surprise themselves with how much they enjoyed a healthier lifestyle!

Insane Transformation: Lexi And Danny's New Lifestyles

Lexi, once too self-conscious to exercise around others, began to pick up classes at her gym. Many turned to her as an accountability buddy! Danny also stuck with his healthy habits, losing weight alongside his motivated wife. By the end of the first year of their new lifestyle, they had lost a combined 500 pounds! The once-sedentary couple shows how much hard work pays off!

Motivating The Masses: Inspiring Others To Be Healthy

Lexi decided to create an Instagram account to share her journey with Danny. Today, she has nearly 750,000 followers! Their story has been featured on television shows, news sites, and more. Best of all: Lexi finally made it to Orlando! These days, Lexi and Danny are continuing to explore the country and engage in fun and healthy activities. They're living proof that anything is possible, one step at a time!