Bet You've Never Noticed These Movie Mistakes

For many, the movies are a chance to enter a fantasy land where everything is perfect. There might be hardship, disaster, and death. But, in the end, everything works out. The hero lives, the aliens die, and love is found. But movies are not above making mistakes. Many movies feature all kinds of historical inaccuracies and run-of-the-mill slipups that the average viewer might not be able to spot. There are bullet holes when guns have yet to be fired, wardrobe choices that are years ahead of their character’s time, and even wrong addresses for iconic landmarks. For an overview of some of the most notable movie mistakes, read on.

Denzel Washington played the charismatic and controversial black-power leader in this biopic. In the film, Malcolm screams for someone to call 911.

But no one could call 911, because there wasn’t a 911. 911 didn’t come around until 1968 — three years after Malcolm was assassinated

Mirror Comeback: Clueless

Clueless was an incredibly successful coming-of-age comedy that came out on the big screen in 1995. Starring Alicia Silverston, Brittany Murphy, and Paul Rudd, Clueless became an instant hit.

When daddy’s princess, Cher Horowitz, goes on her driving test she rams her jeep into a parked car and the right-hand mirror goes flying. However, by the end of the ride, the mirror is back, stronger than ever. She failed her test anyway.

Kid Saw that Coming: North by Northwest

North by Northwest is a 1959 American thriller starring Cary Grant. It’s one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best movies.

In the film, when a gun is about to go off, a child has his fingers in his ears before shots are even fired. Maybe this child has special powers!

Sherlock Runs Like an Olympian: Sherlock Holmes

In this blockbuster version of Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock and Jude Law plays Dr. John Watson — Sherlock’s best friend.

Rockin’ Too Soon: Back to the Future

Back to the Future is a time-travel classic. Michael J. Fox charmed millions of viewers as the hero Marty McFly.

All of the time traveling must have confused the script writers. In 1955, Fox was strumming a Gibson ES-345 guitar even though these were not made until 1958.

Sunglasses During Slavery: Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino brought his hyper stylized filmmaking talents to this American tale about a bounty hunter and a slave seeking vengeance.

In the film, Django (the slave) wears tinted sunglasses as if they were the hot item of the moment. The truth is, sunglasses were extremely scarce at the time and were mostly used for medical purposes.

Dead Man Hopping: Full Metal Jacket

Another Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, Full Metal Jacket is an epic film about a platoon of U.S Marines during one of the most extensive military campaigns in the Vietnam War. This classic film is powerful, chilling, severe, thought-provoking, and yes, full of continuity whoopsies.

In this scene Private Pyle commits suicide on one toilet, but ends up dead on another. Whoops.

Burning Log: Batman Begins

Another one of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies has trouble keeping things straight.

At first the burning log lands near Bruce Wayne’s feet. Then, after a second, it’s at his neck.

Motorcycles From the Future: Saving Private Ryan

Steven Spielberg adores his World War 2 epics. First, there was Schindler’s List. Then, Saving Private Ryan.

In the film, Tom Hanks’s character leans up against a kind of motorcycle known as a Ural M-63. This type of motorcycle wasn’t created until well after World War 2.

Singapore Before There Was a Singapore: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean again? Why, yes! This franchise contains many sequels and many mess-ups.

In this installment, the Black Pearl ship heads to Singapore even though there was no Singapore in the 1700s. Singapore was only founded in 1819, by the British statesman Stamford Raffles.

Instant Wet Hair: Dirty Dancing

One of the most memorable, most mimicked, and just plain awesome scenes in movie history is when Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey over his head in Dirty Dancing. This 1987 dance drama gave us some great songs and dance moves, and of course, some ludicrous continuity slip-ups.

During the last dance of the movie, Swayze goes super cool and jumps off the stage—with a dry head of hair. Next thing you know, his hair is wet and pasted to his forehead. How did that happen?

When Dead Gangsters Kill Dead Gangsters: Public Enemies

Here’s another Johnny Depp movie. This one isn’t about pirates, but about bank robbers.

Depp plays John Dillinger — the man who robbed over 20 banks. In the film, Dillinger kills Pretty Boy Floyd and Babyface Nelson.In real life, Dillinger died before they did.

A Very Temporary Tattoo: She’s All That

A modern adaptation of Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, She’s All That is a romantic comedy starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. It’s a feel-good movie focusing on a rocky relationship between Zack, the popular kid on Campus, and Laney, an art student.

In this scene Zack’s narcissistic girlfriend, Taylor, is getting a heart tattoo. How whimsical. Later in the movie, during the prom scene, we get a full shot of Taylor’s back, but the tattoo is completely gone. How whimsical.

Someone Cheated: Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura (When Nature Calls) is a 1995 comedy starring Jim Carrey, and it is as hilarious as it is wild, but there also some pretty wild mistakes.

In this scene we see Vincent Cadby (played by Simon Callow) sitting in front of a chessboard full of pieces. When next the scene cuts, suddenly the board is completely empty.

Good Condition Fedex Boxes: Cast Away

Here’s yet another Tom Hanks movie. In this movie, Tom Hanks stars a man who must survive on an island all by himself.

In the movie, the Hanks character finds lot of FedEx boxes floating in the waters around his island. Although these boxes aren’t waterproof, none of what was in the boxes was damaged. It must be a miracle.

Apples For Everyone: Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most entertaining pirate franchises ever. Johnny Depp is brilliant as Jack Sparrow and Geoffrey Rush is remarkable as Captain Barbossa.

But Barbossa’s appetite for Granny Smiths doesn’t make much sense. Those apples didn’t come around until 1868. The zombie captain is eating food 140 years before it existed.

Plastic Baby: American Sniper

Clint Eastwood directing, Bradley Cooper playing one of the most lethal snipers the U.S military has known—where can you go wrong? American Sniper is a captivating biographical war drama that broke Saving Private Ryan’s box office record for highest-grossing war film of all time.

After Chris feeds his beloved baby daughter, it is as clear as sunshine that what he’s cradling in his arms is a bundle of joy made entirely of plastic. Look closely and you’ll see—that’s not a real live infant, but an unoriginal Christmas gift.

Female Pharoah: The Mummy

Tom Cruise’s 2017 rendition of The Mummy was meant to be a gigantic blockbuster just like the 1999 version starring Brendan Fraser, but ended up losing nearly $100 million.

Maybe part of that loss was due to the fact that the film’s entire plot was based on a mistake– in ancient Egypt, a princess could never have been chosen as the new Pharoah. If there weren’t any sons to crown, the title would have moved on to the next male in the family. Ahmanet’s revenge is, in that case, completely redundant.

Missing Kilt: Braveheart

Mel Gibson has had a long, dynamic, and not always controversy-free movie career. One of his most legendary roles was playing Sir William Wallace, a Scottish nationalist who was accused of “high treason” and executed in 1305. The film won five Oscar awards. But not necessarily for complete accuracy in costumes.

The kilt Gibson’s character wore in particular did not win over fans of accuracy. Though the movie is set in 1300, Scots didn’t start to don kilts until the 1600s.

Apples Sends Letter with Future Logo: Forrest Gump

This lovable 90s movie stars Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump — the guy who seems to be everywhere and anywhere.

In the movie, Forrest gets some snail mail from Apple. The letter is ahead of its time as it contains Apple’s rainbow logo, which had not been created in 1975, long after the said events took place.

An Iron That Can’t Stay Still: Forrest Gump

Poor Forrest, it’s another appearance for him and his movie on this list. This time it involves an iron.

When Forrest goes to see Jenny and his son, the iron stands up. But then it goes down. But then it’s up again. Maybe there’s ghosts in Jenny’s house moving the iron.

Too Soon for Penis Theories: Titanic

Titanic might very well be considered the most romantic movie of the 20th century. James Cameron as a director, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet—talk about an A-Team. This box office phenomenon wasn’t short on zingers, yet some of them didn’t quite fit on a 1912 voyage.

When Bruce Ismay boasts about the size of the Titanic, Rose suggests that he check out Freud’s ideas regarding male preoccupation with size. While this witticism definitely deserves a snap, Freud didn’t publish these ideas until 1920.

Midwest has Palm Trees: Halloween

This screamfest takes places in a “fictional town in Illinois.” But any town in the Midwest, fiction or not, is not going to have palm trees.

Residents of the Midwest know that you’re more likely to see Jamie Lee Curtis running from a murderer than a palm tree.

There's Electricity: Gone with the Wind

This epic film starred Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, and is almost four hours long. A long time for potential bloopers!

The length gave producers lots to keep track of. They didn’t seem to notice that one of the lamps was attached to an electrical cord, which wasn’t very common during the Civil War.

Close Encounter with Nazis: The Sound Of Music

The saga of the Von Trapp family is well-known to millions of moviegoers. But the likelihood that their escape route would have actually lead to escape is unfounded.

Their plan for staying out of the clutches of the Nazis would have lead them right into the Nazis. It would have actually taken them to Germany.

Shirt and Jeans: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Steven Spielberg directed this Indiana Jones movie. Harrison Ford plays the memorable title role, andthe movie takes place in the 1930s.

Considering the time period, it’s kind of weird to see a man wearing a very modern jeans and T-shirt walking around in the background. Maybe he was a time traveller?

Electric Chair Before It Was Used: The Green Mile

Michael Clark Duncan plays an accused rapist with supernatural powers in this 1999 movie adapted from a Stephen King novel.

In the movie — SPOILER ALERT — Duncan’s character is sentenced to the electric chair. The film takes place in 1930s Louisiana, though Louisiana didn’t use the electric chair until 1940.

Handcuffs All Over: Reservoir Dogs

More Quentin Tarantino. This mistake comes from his crime caper Reservoir Dogs.

When Marvin Nash is brought in to be tortured, the shot captures his hands cuffed behind his back. A few seconds later, Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, and Mr. Pink start kicking Nash around and his hands are suddenly cuffed in the front of his body, only for the camera to switch back a few moments later showing his hands cuffed behind his back again.