Woman Wakes Into The Nightmare Of A Murderous Love Triangle

We're always afraid that our exes will haunt us. We try to end things amicably so there are no hard feelings. That's what Angie thought when she broke things off with David. But, one night, Angie and her new fiance woke into a nightmare.

Angie Ver Huel was simply trying to find the man of her dreams. The middle school math teacher from Waukee, Iowa, had her own idea of a perfect companion. Her only job now was to find him. That's when she met David Moffitt at her local Wells Fargo branch.

Not What She Was Looking For

Angie and David dated briefly, but there was no magic, no chemistry. There was nothing that made her believe David was a perfect match. So, she decided to call things off and go for a dive back into the dating pool. Angie believed her break-up with David over text message was amicable.

His Heart For Humanity

After a brief break, Angie started talking to Justin Michael in 2013. Justin was a philanthropist who spent his time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Angie was crazy about his caring heart. "After our third date," Angie proclaimed, "I texted my friend and said, 'I am pretty sure I am going to marry this guy.'"

Her Perfect Match

After only two months, Justin Michael proposed to Angie. The couple decided to wait before getting officially hitched. Then, David found out about his ex's engagement. Most people would take the news of an ex-girlfriend getting married in stride. David was crushed and he wasn't about to let Angie find her happiness with any other man.

Disturbing Internet Searches

David was also seeing a therapist. Reports indicate he had admitted to having "murderous thoughts" to the doctor. His Google history revealed searches for "How to get away with murder?" and "Love triangle murders." He even looked up food which resembled a human skull and typed the question, "what does hell look like?".

Making A Sadistic Move

David started stalking the happy couple at their home. He cased their house and neighborhood, apparently making note of all entrances and exits. The disgruntled ex-boyfriend also acquired a fake ID which he then used to purchase a firearm. In May 2014, David broke into Justin and Angie's house in the middle of the night.

Creating the Crime Scene

David slowly made it up the stairs and found his way into the master bedroom. Angie recalls the horrific sound, "I heard the bedroom door open, then I heard a pop, pop, pop!" David fled the house and ended up crashing his car. He even caught a ride with an off-duty police officer.

Making A Murderer

By the time police arrived, Justin was already dead. While David's car was being impounded, police discovered the same ammo used in the shooting. Law enforcement also discovered the fake ID used to purchase the firearm. With enough evidence for a conviction, David was arrested on charges of burglary and first-degree murder. But, David's plea shocked the courtroom.

Intention Versus Insanity

J. Keith Rigg, David's attorney, told the court his client had a psychotic breakdown following his break-up with Angie. Steve Foritano, the prosecutor from the state, explained David's plan to kill Justin Michael. He took steps to not only execute that plan but to blame other people."

Happily Ever After...

David was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. Angie and her family were heartbroken but found some semblance of relief in the verdict. A few years later, Angie met Tom Unger. By 2017, the couple was married. Angie was able to finally live out her fairy tale ending, despite the tragedy of her past.