Role-Model Teacher Fired After Celebrating Happiest Day Of Her Life

A Miami community was outraged after learning their children's favorite teacher had been fired despite her constant efforts to give back. The reason why will infuriate you...

Jocelyn Morffi was a favorite among students at the private school in which she worked. Not only did she educate her children with books, but she also took the time to teach them how to give back to the community in need. She and her students even started a weekly donation event.

Giving Back

Jocelyn, her students, and their families would spend a day compiling donations of canned goods, perishables, and other necessities into boxes to be sent off to local charities and shelters. Events like this were what made Jocelyn so popular among students and their families, so they understandably questioning her whereabouts when she suddenly didn't show up to school for some time.

A Change Of Heart

Parents of Jocelyn Morffi's students were even more confused when they received this letter from the school, briefly touching on the removal of Ms. Morffi from their staff. The letter goes on to ask for prayers and ensured parents this would not affect their students' schedules. What it lacked was an explanation as to why they fired Jocelyn.

A Weekend Wedding

As parents began to put pieces together, they discovered that Jocelyn had gotten married just days before her termination. She and her longtime partner had a beach wedding in Key Largo and spent a weekend celebrating their love with family and friends. They had no idea what was about to occur when she returned home.

Jocelyn Speaks Out

Not long after her termination, Jocelyn released a statement on her Instagram account that many of the parents followed. She remained composed as she addressed the situation at hand with stating, "...I married the love of my life [I] was terminated as a result of it." She also thanked people for their support and even said she would continue her charity work in a new location.

Backlash Begins

Within days of the story being released and Jocelyn's personal statement being issued, parents and followers alike began to speak to the media. In their statements, they questioned the school's decision and requested more answers or a better explanation than was given in the school's previous, vague notice. But the real question lies in how this sort of discrimination was allowed to occur.

The Private School Difference

Many were left wondering how a school could simply fire a teacher on the basis of sexual orientation when in public school and in most workplaces, such a thing isn't allowed. In the state of Florida, the ability to suspend a student or staff due to sexual orientation within a private school is completely legal and practiced.

Continued Support For Their Teacher

Despite all efforts, the school itself refused any further comment on the situation. Parents of Morffi's former students refuse to back down and continue to openly show support for a woman who they have even called the 'Mother Theresa' of teachers. Morffi continues to keep her Instagram up to date for those interested in following along in her community efforts


The good news it is that Jocelyn Morffi continues to keep her #teachHope campaign alive and is always in search of volunteers to help her with collecting goods to give to those in need. Even if she doesn't have the superior location of a school setting to teach a lesson while helping others, Morffi only seems to grow from the situation.

Making Light Of A Bad Situation

While Jocelyn Morffi has never been able to return to the school, even to get what was left in her classroom, she has made the very best of an otherwise unfortunate situation. With the attention of the media, she has used her resources to speak out for her #teachhope campaign and remains positive about the future.