Security Guard Opens His Home To Homeless Dad And Son

It was a fairly normal, boring day at the Waffle House in Alabama where a security guard named Amen Webster, who patrolled the small restaurant, was stationed. Although it may seem like a mundane job, Amen remained sharp and alert - and that’s how he came to notice a quiet, 8-year-old boy and a desperate-looking father in one of the restaurant’s booths.

Webster was employed and lived in a two bedroom apartment, plenty spacious for him - but it hadn’t always been that way. Amen Webster had once been homeless, and when he saw the young boy and his father, he thought he might see his own situation in the pair.

Amen walked nearer to the man and his young son, feeling a sudden urge to help - to somehow, save them from the situation that he’d gone through. The sight of the pair, clearly struggling, touched his heart.

The little boy was shaking, and the older man looked tired and pained. On a normal day, a normal guard would have passed them by. It wasn’t his business. He didn’t know their situation. But Amen wasn’t a normal guard, and even if he didn’t know exactly what had happened, he knew he had to help.

He walked over, not quite knowing exactly what his plan was, not even knowing what amazing offer he would make to them. All he knew was that he had to talk to them.

The pair were Lamont, 37, and Monte, 8, Hammond. Lamont knew he could survive the streets by himself - but his real fear was Monte’s safety. He had no money for even a hotel room, and, with his head in his hands, Lamont was despairing over his situation. He didn’t know what to do.

He couldn’t bear to see his son living homeless on the streets, but he had run out of options. He knew how to live on the streets - he’d been homeless himself - but with a son, the situation was completely different. He was on the verge of crying, struck with the enormity of what he was facing, trying to be brave for his son.

At this moment, hopeless in a Waffle House, Lamont could have no idea what would happen next - or who was watching the heart-breaking scene from a mere few feet away.

When Amen Webster walked up, at first, he wasn’t sure what to say. He sat down, and simply asked what was wrong.

The quiet question nearly drove Lamont to tears. He and Amen were complete strangers - he didn’t understand why this man was asking him anything. But Lamont had no one else to turn to. He explained everything to Amen - his situation, that he had no money for a hotel, his heart-wrenching fear that his son would end up on the streets with him.

Amen Webster listened to the hopeless father’s entire story, with no judgment. He was quietly thinking. He knew what it was like to be homeless. And, looking at Lamont’s young son, for a moment he could truly understand. So he made Lamont an incredible offer.

Amen made an incredible offer: to open his house to the pair, a two-bedroom apartment that he willingly offered to complete strangers.

At first, Lamont wasn’t sure whether or not to believe it. But, staring at the kind expression on the security officer’s face, and the hopeful look in Monte’s eyes, he couldn’t say no.

Amen took Lamont and Monte to his two-bedroom apartment, generously offering them all he had to help Lamont get back on his feet, and keep his son away from the streets. Lamont couldn’t believe the man’s kindness, or understand why a total stranger had been willing to open up his home, but he knew more than anything that he owed this man a great debt.

Amen wasn’t forgotten for his kind actions, either...

The beautiful story of Amen’s kindness reached Fox 5 News, who wanted to know more about his generous offer.

Amen wouldn’t brag about the event, or ask for anything more. He simply explained that he knew what it was like to be homeless, and was willing to trust the Lord and bring Lamont and Monte into his home.

Amen doesn’t want to see anyone else without a home. His heartwarming actions were driven by kindness and empathy, emotions that characterize the brave security officer.

Lamont, meanwhile, is still nearly driven to tears by the kindness. He’s determined to take care of his son, and he’s well on his way to doing that.

Lamont currently has a job at Zaxby’s, and gets a disability check, both of which are helping him to work towards him and his son’s future. Lamont swears he will never forget Amen’s kindness, even though Amen wouldn’t dream of accepting repayment.

The uplifting story touches everyone who reads it. Not many would offer even a second glance or some money to a homeless person - Amen’s willingness to offer his own home, however humble, is a shining example of the empathy we should all feel.

There’s a message to Amen’s and Lamont’s story that resonates with all of us. No one can deny the courage that it takes to be so generous. Amen’s actions have shown us what we can be like - the beauty of humanity.

We want to live in a world where people are so kind and selfless - so isn’t it time that we acted that way ourselves?