Spotlight on Disney’s Annual International Flower and Garden Festival

Most people are aware of the many celebrations that Disney holds each year for their guests all around the world. But in the midst of all magical wonders found at The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, there lies a unique event that not many guests have yet experienced – The International Flower and Garden Festival featuring incredible floral topiaries, fresh gardens, and delightful food tastings from around the globe.

Hosted by EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), one of the four Disney World theme parks, this international festival occurs each year between the months of March and May. Within two short months, the park is transformed into a land of one-of-a-kind Disney topiaries and specially crafted floral gardens. Below are the top 10 unique, must-see, do, and try experiences from the annual festival.

Kid Play Areas

We are all just big kids on the inside. Whether you still like to lounge around on playgrounds or not, these specially crafted kid play areas are a sight to see regardless of how old you may be! Unique play areas include Mike & Sulley’s Monstrous Garden, showcasing a playground designed in the theme of Monster’s University.

Garden Rocks Concert Series

Each weekend when the sun sets, gather with friends or family to check out guest performers and bands. This year, the Village People (you may know of a little song called YMCA) was featured on the weekend of April 10-12th.

Floral Topiaries

if you thought your neighbors’ circle-cut trees were cool, wait until you check out Disney topiaries, featuring beloved animated characters such as Simba, Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, or Snow White and all seven of her dwarfs!

Outdoor Kitchens

EPCOT’s 11 countries around the world in its World Showcase Pavilion, the festival sure knows how to highlight its countries and their respective food delights in sample sizes. Here, you may try bite size portions of special foods only offered in the duration of the festival. One popular stand named “Pineapple Promenade” features their famous Pineapple Dog, a spicy hot dog with pineapple chutney and Sriracha mayo, and Pineapple Hard Cider imported from Sacramento, CA.

Outdoor Kitchen: France

Try your tastes in select French dishes such as the Duck Confit, cooked with garlic and parsley potatoes, or their signature “Gnocchi Parisien a la Provencal”, a vegetable dumpling with mushrooms. Here you can also try a special alcoholic ice popsicle, mixed together with vodka iced tea and Grand Marnier Peach Raspberry.

Outdoor Kitchen: Morocco

Add some adventure to your taste buds and try some Moroccan dishes featured in the World Showcase. Here you can try native Moroccan delights such as the Harissa Chicken Kebab or Falafel Pockets with special Tahini Sauce. You can also try their select Seafood Ceviche, served with a national sweet corn pancake cooked with farmer’s cheese.

Outdoor Kitchen: Lotus House

Lotus House, featured in China, showcases their special Oolong Peach Bubble Tea and Kung Fu Punch, both of which can only be found during the festival. For boba lovers around the world, this is the only stop in all of Disney to find boba milk tea, and it comes with a twist of peach! The Kung Fu Punch is a mixture of vodka, triple sec, mango, and orange juice – a select alcoholic beverage loved by many.

And there you have it!

And there you have it! Top 10 list of items you definitely would not want to miss trying when you are traveling to Walt Disney World in visiting their annual flower and garden festival. It’s a shame that not too many people are aware of this event, because it does an amazing job in bringing together different world cultures and their appreciation in the art and history of floral and garden arrangements. A definite must-try vacation destination for anyone and everyone traveling to Orlando, FL in the springtime!