Spotlight on Disney’s Annual International Flower and Garden Festival

Outdoor Kitchens

EPCOT’s 11 countries around the world in its World Showcase Pavilion, the festival sure knows how to highlight its countries and their respective food delights in sample sizes. Here, you may try bite size portions of special foods only offered in the duration of the festival. One popular stand named “Pineapple Promenade” features their famous Pineapple Dog, a spicy hot dog with pineapple chutney and Sriracha mayo, and Pineapple Hard Cider imported from Sacramento, CA.

Outdoor Kitchen: France

Try your tastes in select French dishes such as the Duck Confit, cooked with garlic and parsley potatoes, or their signature “Gnocchi Parisien a la Provencal”, a vegetable dumpling with mushrooms. Here you can also try a special alcoholic ice popsicle, mixed together with vodka iced tea and Grand Marnier Peach Raspberry.