Things That Will Trigger the Obsessive Compulsive in You – Part 2

We know a few people who have OCD, so you can probably imagine how they reacted to our last feature.  Truth be told, things got ugly, and they certainly had very bad days just looking at the pictures we posted, much to our cruel laughter.  Because we like to poke fun at OCD-stricken people (in jest, of course), we decided to post some more pictures which are sure to infuriate you and make you want to punch your monitors in frustration because you couldn’t do anything about them.

)  You can’t even eat donut cake properly?  What is wrong with you?

)  We need a new car.

)  This is not amusing.  At all.

)  Do you see it?

)  Have a break, not a hole in the middle of a Kit Kat bar!

)  I will kick your asymmetrical butt from here to Kingdom come!

)  It’s the other way around, you doofus!

)  You definitely want to get rid of that stray blue bead.

)  You’re probably already going nuts with the sight of this, aren’t you?

)  Is it centered? Is it not centered? What?

)  You only had one job.