Couple Took Home Tiny Puppy -- But It Wasn't What It Seemed

When one couple welcomed a tiny puppy into their home, they couldn’t believe how cute he was. Before long, however, the dog had morphed into something far different to what they had expected. And it was then that they realized things were not as they seemed.

"They’re good friends,” Sue said. “Toffee is always following him around, and he will happily lick her on the head very gently. Bear sees Toffee as his own pet, I think, as she’s certainly not our cat.”

"I thought a big dog would be a lot of work and could be trouble,” Robert admitted. “We only have a small living room. I thought, ‘How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?’” However, after only a matter of months, Bear was already bigger than your average Jack Russell.

In fact, every month, Bear munched his way through over $257 of chow, and it’s not hard to see how. For breakfast alone, for instance, the Great Dane enjoyed four sausages with a mass of scrambled eggs on top.

Sue Markham and her husband, Robert, come from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, England, and the couple lived next door to their local kennels. It was there, in fact, that Sue used to work looking after various doggies.

In the end, Sue was forced to come clean and confess to her husband what breed Bear really was. “It started to become fairly obvious when Bear dwarfed any other dogs in the village,” she said. “So, the game was up.”

That’s because Bear was, in fact, a Boston Great Dane. Giant in stature, these dogs can grow up to 154 pounds in weight. Although Sue didn’t mind the idea of a massive dog, this would pose somewhat of a problem for Robert.