The Top 40 Clearest Waters in the World (Do You Live Near Any?)

Clear waters! How many times do you actually get to see clear seas these days? Still, there are places on earth that humanity hasn’t polluted yet. When you swim in these waters it’s as if you’re floating in midair! Book your flight and swim in the clearness of these majestic waters! Hands down, this is perhaps the clearest body of water existing on the planet! And with an island population of just 14,000 people you can enjoy these crystal clear waters in absolute serenity. Chill back and relax in the calming atmosphere while admiring the magnificent view of the nearby islands in the horizon.

 Cocos Islands — Costa Rica

A great destination for any time of year, which means a great escape for any of you Northeasterners who walk out on the street in the middle of a January hailstorm and think, “why on earth do I live here?” No matter where you live, this beach will have clearer water than you’ve ever seen. This uninhabited island means absolutely no pollution, crystal clear waters, and thriving wildlife. Visitors enjoy the beautiful coral reefs, and even swimming with a school of hammerhead sharks.

Torch Lake, Antrim County Michigan in the USA

Michigan's longest inland lake is a must see attraction, as the locals would often state with much pride and joy.   You'll be basking in the pristine cool waters, allowing for a rejuvenating expeirence. If you're a kayaker, this is a great place to indulge in such too.

Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil

Due to the large quantity of limestone in the ground, the water of these rivers runs through a natural filter and impurities fall to the bottom of the river. This makes the Bonito rivers the clearest and most transparent in the world.  Things don't get anymore pristine and relaxing than this.

To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa

Here's an interesting bit of trivia for you guys: To Sua means "giant swimming hole" in Samoan. It's 30 meters deep and only accessible via a long ladder to the pool. It'll take some courage to climb down that ladder but t the end of the day, it's all totally worth it!

 San Andres Island — Colombia

This beautiful beach in Colombia (not Columbia) is sprinkled with mangroves, palm trees, ceibas, and wildflowers, giving it a true ‘tropical paradise’ atmosphere. The coral in this sea is also pristine and untouched by human pollutants, which means the zooxanthellae that give the reefs its beautiful color thrive in a beautiful sea (no pun intended) of red, lilac, yellow, silver, and green. The crystal clear water allows for great viewing, allowing divers or snorkelers to observe the thriving fauna that call this beach home. Blue and black crabs, turtles, iguanas, chameleon-like green lizards, birds, and dozens of species of fish go about their lives as if no one’s watching through the crystal clear water.

Hanauma Bay, Oahu in Hawaii

A beautiful beach and clear water are what you'll be getting when visiting here.  However, do be aware, Hanauma is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Oahu.  That means you might have to deal with huge crowds of people around, so you won't have the place entirely to yourself.

Puerto Ayora in Galapagos

Beautiful calm water is always rejuvenating to the senses, which is what you'll be in for here.  The waters are ideal for some sailing just about anytime you prefer. If you're also looking for some rather exotic animals, you'll be seeing local iguanas swim in the bay!

Comino Island in Malta

Know for its peaceful isolation because the island only has a population of four residents, Comino Island is truly a getaway destination!  There are no hints of concrete jungles or urban influences to take you out of the moment, and you will truly have the beach all to yourselves.  Such a place deserves more visits, we would think, but it's best if it maintained as a well kept secret, just so we can revel in all its beauty even more.

Panari Island, Okinawa in Japan

Some of the things that come to mind when it comes to this place are the sandy white shores and sparkling clear waters. There's never a shortage of beach barbecues happening during beach season.  Apart from that, the beaches in this area have a coral reef located just off shore!

Playa Blanca in Colombia

What is given is that you'll be treated to such a beautiful beach.   You will, however, be staying a lot longer for the local restaurants serve fresh prawns and lobsters for dinner.  This is beach life at its finest, and you'll be hard pressed to get back to modern civilization.

Mystery Spot — ???

We decided to throw this one in just for fun. We know where it is, but we wanted to see if you guys could guess. Scroll down for the answer. It may surprise you!

It’s Sri Lanka. Did you guess correctly?

Cala Macarelleta, Menorca in Spain

A gorgeous beach, on the Balearic Island of Menorca, Spain. It’s tucked inside an idyllic cove with white sand and the waters are the clearest turquoise. Sheltered by hills covered in pines and it’s even hot enough to sunbathe in winter!

Dog Island, San Blas — Panama

These beaches are amazing enough to be on a postcard. However, the real deal is way better than any stock photo of the Caribbean you’ve seen on the internet. Located off the southeastern coast of Panama, the white-sand beaches, cordial locals, and glistening ocean is enough to keep you at the beach and out of your hotel room for the entire day. Speaking of hotels, the island actually has some decent infrastructure, with running electricity via a generator, but also not enough to ensure that tourists who can’t take the “uncomforts” at bay. Visitors also have the opportunity to live life as the local Kuna Yala tribe does, exchanging cultures by the tranquil, turquoise ocean.

Calanque de Sormiou in France

If it's beautiful water that you're looking for, you've got Calanque de Sormiou to give you your fix.  With rocky cliffs overlooking the entire body of water to add a rather uplifting dimension to it, you'll be well on your way to some swimming or cruising on yachts.  It's also famous for its great rock-climbing!

Culebra Island in Puerto Rico

It is also referred to as Isla Chiquita and Última Virgen.  The names are derived from the fact that the beach is at the end of the Virgin islands chain.  Nonetheless, if Paradise was worth searching for the ends of the earth, then by golly you've found it.

Sabah in Malaysia

If you're looking for a huge opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters, this is the place to be at.  Sabah has a somewhat low rent vibe to it, which actually surprises you once you've experienced it for yourself.  You can also go snorkeling and scuba diving into the deeper regions of the waters; who knows what mysteries you may end up uncovering.

Tioman Island – Malaysia

A forested island in essence, Tioman Island has all the makings of a tropical getaway.  It is sparsely inhabited and surrounded by wonderful coral reefs.  This just makes it all the more ideal for some scuba diving with your family and companions.

Bora Bora

There is very little question with regard to Bora-Bora being a major tourist destination.  Known for its luxury resorts, it has a little bit of something for everyone.  You can scuba dive, snorkel, sit back and relax by the beach front or enjoy the various other amenities it has to offer.

Five Flower Lake — China

This beautiful lake is so clear you can see right through to the bottom, all the way down to the criss crossing of fallen tree trunks. Located in Jiuzhaigon National Park in China, this body of water stands out in this list by being one of the few crystal clear waters that isn’t a beach, but instead being surrounded by one of the most polluted countries in the world. It still manages to impress us with its gorgeous scenery and remarkable clarity.

Corfu in Greece

Swim across beautiful waters anytime you wish when visiting Corfu.  Since you're in the Mediterranean, you'll be treated to some great sun all year round. Of course, there's also the delicious Greek food to look forward to!

Lake Tahoe in Nevada

Lake Tahoe is considered to be the largest alpine lake in North America.  If you've ever been there, you can attest to such a fact.  Knowing that it is surrounded by breathtaking views of mountains just makes all the more of a satisfying experience.

Marsah Matrouh — Egypt

Located 150 miles west of Alexandria is Marsah Matrouh, home to beautiful beaches protected by an interesting, naturally formed rock barrier. The soft sands and crystal clear water are separated by a wave breaker that keeps the transparent water lapping gently at the beach. The variation of depth this beach provides, in addition with some seriously beautifully colored water, makes for an unforgettable snorkeling destination.

Primosten in Croatia

One of the most beautiful beaches in Eastern Europe, Primostein is essentially heaven on a body of water.  The waters are so clear and clean that you just can't help but want to dive into them.  Go sailing on a boat to appreciate the majestic scenery around you.

Aitutaki in Cook Islands

This place looks like something that came out of a movie.  Perhaps it was the inspiration for the Brooke Shields starrer, "The Blue Lagoon?"  Without a doubt, this is the most gorgeous Polynesian lagoon on the planet!

Rio Azul – Argentina

Rio Azul offers some of the most gorgeous scenery you'll ever get to see anywhere in the world. You can look forward to numerous sights which will draw your attention and fascination.  Notable points of interest include the river and canyon and insanely clear blue water!

Cayos Cochinos in Honduras

National Geographic writes, "The waters are a... dream: protected by the government, off-limits to commercial divers and fishermen and busy with creatures that may not yet have names."  When you put it like that, you know you just got to check it out.  Who knows, you just might discover a whole new species.

St. George in Bermuda

St. Georgia is a top pick for a destination of all the major cruise lines in the world. It's an absolute "must-swim", especially when the waters remain constantly cool and clear all year round.  If you want to live the good life, this is a pretty good place to start.

Arnensee — Switzerland

This picture is actually an optical illusion. The lake isn’t as shallow as it looks, but is actually a couple meters deep. Arnensee lake in Switzerland is one of those secret spots that you wish no one knew about. Romande Energie wishes no one knew about it, too, as they use it as a reservoir. This peaceful spot is perfect for a hike and picnic lunch, or a refreshing swim in its tranquil waters.

Jaco Island — East Timor

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is one of those tiny countries you probably have never heard of. Good, because that means that many others haven’t heard of either. On the eastern portion of the country lies the Lesser Sunda Islands Group, which is where you’ll find the island of Jaco. This uninhabited paradise is considered holy by the natives of Timor-Leste, which means that all are forbidden from visiting it. This is literally the most untouched an island can get. Tourists are allowed to visit its beaches, but no further, with the help of native fishermen, and are even allowed to dive and swim in the transparent waters.

Belo Sur Mer in Madagascar

Look at that shoreline; the entire stretch is just so beautiful, almost like a washed out painting.  The island itself is quite gorgeous, and the sand is as white as bleach.  However, the waters will certainly cool you down, despite the fact that you've already got really great weather here.

Jenny Lake in Wyoming

Located in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, Jenny Park has tons of adventures to offer.  You can choose among the various hiking trails, boat rides, and major climbing routes.  Speaking of the latter, journey into rocky terrains, eventually making your way to the tallest peaks of the Tetons.

Cayo Coco in Cuba

Cayo Coco is an island near central Cuba, known for its gorgeous resorts and its pristine waters. It’s part of a chain of islands called Jardines del Rey, “the King’s Gardens.” Also, it’s famous for being the setting for Hemingway’s novels – Islands In The Stream and The Old Man and the Sea.

Knip beach — Curacao

Knip beach is one of those rare beaches that is so great its locals frequent it just as often as its visitors. Swim or sunbathe at this beautiful beach, or snorkel near the rocks to see some fascinating fish and sea creatures. More experienced swimmers have the option of swimming out to the coral reef, though be warned — it is quite the swim. The snorkeling experience out there is definitely worth it if you’re willing to make the trip. This local influence also means that visitors can get a taste of the culture through foods, language and interactions with the people.

Exuma in the Bahamas

Pristine and unspoiled, this beach is practically a haven for people who don't want to be interrupted by the trappings of the big city life.  This is as chill and reflective as it can get, and you will certainly feel a revitalization of the senses.  Look at it, how can that not be good for the spirit?

Koh Phi Phi Don in Thailand

You may not know this, but much of the island is a "marine reserve." It was hit hard in the 2004 tsunami, having suffered as a tourist attraction.  However, is on its way to recovery and is slowly attracting more people to the various wonderful experiences it has to offer.

Sardinia, Italy

The beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia lies off the western coast of Italy and is home to some of the clearest waters in all of Europe. Situated between two continents, Sardinia’s southern tip faces Africa, while its northern tip points toward Corsica. Though Sardinia has become quite a popular holiday destination, its wildlife has been relatively undisturbed, with turquoise seas, lush vegetation, and crops of granite rock.

Bahia de las Aguilas — Dominican Republic

Bahia de las Aguilas is a majestic beach that certainly lives up to its name. “Eagle’s Bay” is an 8km beach located on the southwestern coast of the Dominican Republic and is part of the Jaragua National Park, so it is filled with wildlife and vegetation. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not only by the native Dominicans, but by anyone who visits. The bay is protected from the dark and contaminate reaches of humanity by acres of national park, which leaves this bay totally isolated. You’ll be hard pressed to find water on this Earth that is higher quality than here — it doesn’t get much better than this.