The Top 40 Clearest Waters in the World (Do You Live Near Any?)

Linapacan Island in the Philippines

Clear waters! How many times do you actually get to see clear seas these days? Still, there are places on earth that humanity hasn’t polluted yet. When you swim in these waters it’s as if you’re floating in midair! Book your flight and swim in the clearness of these majestic waters! Hands down, this is perhaps the clearest body of water existing on the planet! And with an island population of just 14,000 people you can enjoy these crystal clear waters in absolute serenity. Chill back and relax in the calming atmosphere while admiring the magnificent view of the nearby islands in the horizon.

 Cocos Islands — Costa Rica

A great destination for any time of year, which means a great escape for any of you Northeasterners who walk out on the street in the middle of a January hailstorm and think, “why on earth do I live here?” No matter where you live, this beach will have clearer water than you’ve ever seen. This uninhabited island means absolutely no pollution, crystal clear waters, and thriving wildlife. Visitors enjoy the beautiful coral reefs, and even swimming with a school of hammerhead sharks.