Why Tutus Make Life Happy and Filled With Rainbows and Sparkles

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a princess or a fairy when you were five? If you did, of course a princess would not be complete without a crown or a fairy would not be complete without wings. But, there's a similarity in this dreamland and that is every dreamers get to wear tutus and tulles, may it be the colorful ones or the puffy ones. If you did not, it's not too late. Tutus are trending nowadays and why wouldn't they? They make your every step fun and colorful. So, we come up with these reasons why tutus must be a must-have in your closet. Indeed, life would be better if we wore more tutus (errr for the ladies of course!).

Versatility and Craziness

No matter what they say, a tutu can never be wrong in whatever way. It'll be the best friend that you'll have in your closet if you don't know what to wear anymore. You can experiment with it and have fun with it as you like. So let the crazy out and live life to the fullest because it's never too late to wear a tutu.

As long as you "werq" it, wearing a tutu can never go wrong

Tutus are for the funky ones

No one is there to judge you for what you wear as long as you're having fun. Now, would you want to miss that day when your girlfriends get funky for the first time? And when your answer is no, definitely that's a thumbs up for you. If you're as happy like them wearing their tutus, here are more reasons why you should also try wearing one.

And who said Mrs. Puggy and her friends can't wear them

Don't be too cruel! Let your pets have fun too. It's as much as fun it is to them as it was for you. They'll slurp you with thanks after letting them wear one for that stroll in the park. I'm sure they'll be in that magical place when wearing those tutus.

For those unforgettable moments with your BFFs...

And when your bff suddenly ask you for a day or a night out, it's never too late to play dress-up with one of your most favorite persons in the world. Friendship really transcends through time and there is no other way to remember that by wearing a tutu. You'll be the awesomest BFFs ever.

Age doesn't matter when wearing a tutu. It will sure bring back the kid in you. It's the best years in an adult's life. So, would you rather have a boring life rather than an awesome one. Relive the past and be a kid again.

...and now they're being trended by celebrities

Yup, even celebrities like Tay and Riri are following the trend. When they attend to fan sign events or when you see them walking down 5th Avenue, a tutu can never be wrong. It's a thing that every girl must have and must wear. So if they are following the trend, why shouldn't you?

Or for that special moments you won't forget

When that special moment happens, I am sure that you would be wearing a tulle as puffy as possible. You would want that day special and magical I believe. You can never have too little or too many tulles beneath that dress. It's your wedding day and all you want to do is feel special on that day.

Even tutus are worn by the royals...

Oh yes! Even Kate Middleton is wearing a tutu. Well, it's not made of tulle but I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say she's working it. That boho-chic side of her is definitely showing by wearing that tutu. A bow is definitely in order, your highness!

Of course, kids wear tutus

You would be lying if you did not wish to have a tutu while wearing that princess costume in Halloween. Tutus bring you in some place magical and awesome when wearing them. They make those gloomy days bright. It makes your every step colorful like rainbow.

Tutus are not only for ballerinas

So who said tutus can only be for ballerinas? Nope, they're definitely wrong. Yes, you not the classy prim-and-proper type. Yes, you're not as skinny. And yes, you're not that flexible. But so what? The good thing is you can have as much fun with it like ballerinas.

Even look great in the red carpet

Even the red carpet is being dominated by the tutu trend. Even rocker chicks pair it with some black leather and chains, and still a tutu can make one look great. So what are you waiting for, grab a tulle now, and make your DIY statement for the whole world to see. It's never too late you know.

Tutus are great for running

Now who thought tutus can only be worn by princesses at heart? You thought wrong if you said yes. Nope! A tulle is definitely being a craze during fun runs and marathons. And why wouldn't it be? It's a perfect balance for that sporty and active ones. Pair the tutu with  your sweatpants and you'll be running with style from now on.

Even men wear tutus

Now who said tutus are only for women and girs? If you said yes, you lost again a point. These real men from the football league show their love for tutus by jumping for joy when asked to wear one. Doesn't this photo bring a big grin on your face? Indeed, a tutu can make one smile and make others around him/her smile.

For the "don't reign on my parade" ones

And if you're one of those who want to cause a scene, a tutu is the ultimate fashion weapon for you. It's not something that's way over the top. it's a unique statement that is a complete showstopper. So strap your tutu around that waist, put on your killer heels and finish your look with a fancy crown. All eyes will definitely be on you.