Why Use Salesforce Cloud Computing?

The Advantages Of Salesforce Cloud Computing:

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is becoming increasingly important to businesses in a number of different industries. The right software tools allow you to deliver exceptional levels of service with minimal wasted resources. The latest trend in this form of software is cloud-based service as opposed to traditional local software. Salesforce is the poster child for this new form of software delivery.

How Salesforce Cloud Computing Works:

Salesforce is an industry leader both within its chosen field (customer relationship management) and in the wider world of cloud computing, also commonly called software-as-a-service, or SaaS. The driving principle is that Salesforce retains full control over the hardware and software you're using for your CRM work. You access, add, and modify your data by connecting to Salesforce via a secure Internet link.

There are significant advantages to using these kinds of tools. Cloud-based SaaS schemes like Salesforce dramatically reduce the amount you have to invest upfront in hardware and software. Virtually anything that can maintain an Internet connection makes a viable platform for Salesforce cloud computing; the service is particularly popular with companies that rely on mobile devices to access and work on their data.

Infinite Flexibility And Strong Security:

You might be hesitant to entrust an important business function like CRM to a company operating on the cloud model. How can you be sure your information remains secure and protected if it's in someone else's hands? What if you need to perform tasks that aren't covered in Salesforce's default setup?

Potential Issues With Salesforce:

There are a few important issues to remain aware of when you elect to use a SaaS service for critical functions. The first is that your access to your data depends on both your Internet connection and the service provider's uptime. Salesforce has accumulated a fair share of complaints in this area; unplanned service outages can severely reduce your productivity when you rely on SaaS computing.

While using a cloud computing solution like Salesforce is not without its risks, on the whole, the considerable advantages of the SaaS model (not the least of which is its affordability) make it extremely attractive to a lot of businesses. Take the time to study how cloud computing works before you make a serious commitment to an SaaS platform like Salesforce, though.

There's a more global issue to worry about as well. The cloud computing model means that you're subscribing to a service rather than purchasing a tool. At some point in the future, that service will be shut down -- or evolve into something that no longer meets your needs. You'll need to have at least a notional exit plan for moving on to other software when you use a service like Salesforce.